Magnetic field source for strong magnetic EFT/burst fields in a tiny space

Langer EMV

The BS 06DB-s magnetic field source is used to generate magnetic EFT/burst fields. An EFT/burst generator (IEC 61000-4-4) supplies the field source with an EFT/burst current via an HV cable. The field source generates high magnetic fields (approx. 200 mT) in very small spaces (2.54 mm²). It is thus ideal to couple fields to ICs. The field source can be inserted into a scanner and can also be guided by hand. The cable which is included in the scope of delivery comes with an SMB connector (SMB connector of the field source output) and an S103A023 Fischer connector or in H4-IC SHV comes the cable with a SHV connector.

The magnetic field source BS 06DBs can be guided by hand. Here, the test-IC is mounted on a test board. The testboard is in the GNDA 02 and the ground plane GND 25. In the GND 25 is the Connection board CB 0708, from which the test IC receives its control signals and by means of which the monitoring of the test ICs is performed.The BS 06DB-s magnetic field is supplied by an EFT/burst generator (IEC 61000-4-4) via an HV cable and is used to generate a magnetic EFT/burst field which emerges vertically from the tip of the field source in a bundle. The BS 06DB-s can be used for IC tests in combination with the ICS 105 IC scanner or can be guided by hand.

The field source is usually aligned so that the field-line bundle penetrates the area of the IC housing and thus the die in the orthogonal direction. This ensures the highest induction effect in the loops of the die (approx. 30 V/mm²). In practice, however, the interference field is usually parallel to the die surface and thus does not penetrate the die (see EFT/burst field source probe set user manual). For more information, visit