LS Research Announces Low Energy Bluetooth® Smart Module

LS Research (LSR) announced the addition of the TiWi-uB1, Bluetooth® Smart Module, to their growing TiWi family of products. The new TiWi-uB1 provides low power Bluetooth Smart connectivity at a cost point that is competitive with Asian suppliers.

LSR’s superior integration support and extended product lifetime sets the TiWi-uB1 apart from the competition.  The module includes an integrated Hybrid™ trace antenna for maximum range performance in one small package measuring only 11.6 mm x 17.3 mm x 2.3 mm.  Because it uses just 12.6 mA in transmit mode and 15.7 mA in receive mode, the LSR TiWi-uB1 is perfect for body worn medical sensors, sports and fitness sensors, remote controls and any other application that requires connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth Smart devices.

A brochure on the TiWi-uB1 can be downloaded at