Long-Lasting, Efficient Water-Based Nuclear Battery Created

First Water-Based Nuclear Battery | In Compliance Magazine

Researchers from the University of Missouri have developed a water-based nuclear battery that has better battery life and efficiency than the ones currently on the market. This device is the first time a nuclear battery will use radiolysis which splits the water molecules using radiation to generate electrical currents at a lower temperature and a higher capacity of energy.

“Water acts as a buffer and surface plasmons created in the device turned out to be very useful in increasing its efficiency,” said Jae W. Kwon, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and nuclear engineering in the College of Engineering at MU. “The ionic solution is not easily frozen at very low temperatures and could work in a wide variety of applications including car batteries and if packaged properly, perhaps spacecraft.”

Read more about the water-based nuclear battery created by University of Missouri researchers. 

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