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Learn ‘Design for EMC’

Live Three-day Virtual Training Workshop

November 9-11, 2021

Learn How To Identify, Prevent, and Fix Common EMC Design Problems

This expert-led, live, multi-day virtual training focuses on common interference and signal problems faced by the designers of today’s high speed digital and mixed digital/analog circuits and systems and will teach participants how to identify, prevent, and fix common EMC design problems.

Our goal is to equip electronics design and systems personnel with the necessary information to identify, design, and fix EMC (and many closely related Signal Integrity) design problems. We focus on what’s “inside the box” — components, circuits, circuit boards, power, shielding. Taught in a problem/solution format, using numerous case histories, this seminar has minimal theory – take these classes today and apply them tomorrow.

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Why Capacitance? Benefits & Applications of Digital Capacitive Solutions

In this paper, readers will discover digital capacitive displacement measurement solutions not possible with conventional analog systems. The following applications address a wide range of industry sectors.

Learn to address Key EMI threats: Emissions, ESD, RFI, Power Disturbances & More

  • Includes over practical 30 EMI design fixes
  • Includes EMI-Design Review and checklists
  • Participate in interactive discussions and learn from realistic scenarios
  • Increase your skillset from the comfort of your home or office
  • Become more confident and efficient in your product design

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Course Registration is limited, so early registration is recommended.

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Learn tools, tips, and techniques from full-time practitioner Daryl Gerke, PE, whose only business is solving and preventing EMC and related signal integrity problems. He has prevented or solved hundreds of EMI problems for clients in a wide range of industries. He has co-authored three books on EMC and over 200 technical articles.
Read published works by Daryl Gerke, PE.

Course Outline:
Session I – Introduction + Physics of EM

-Registration and Introductions
-Interference Sources, Paths, and Receptors
-Five Key EMC Threats
-EMC Regulations & Impact on Design
-Signal Integrity and EMC
-Frequency, Time, and Dimensions
-Transmission Lines and Hidden Antennas

Session II – EMC in Circuits & Components

-Passive Components and Their Limitations
-EMC Effects in Active Components
-Simple EMC Filters and How to Design Them
-Clock and Reset Circuits
-On-Board Power Regulators

Session III – EMC and Printed Circuit Boards

-Identifying Critical Circuits
-Component Placement
-PCB Stack-up Recommendations
-Isolated or “Split” Planes
-I/O Treatments
-Power Decoupling
-Buried Capacitance
-Trace Routing and Terminations
-PCB Crosstalk

Session IV – EMC in Power Electronics 

-Power Quality and EMC
-Filters & Transient Protection
-Isolation Transformers 
-Switch Mode Power Supply Design for EMC

Session V – Box Level Grounding

-Function of a Ground
-Safety and EMC
-Single Point, Multi Point, and Hybrid Grounds
-Ground Loops
-Analog vs Digital Grounds
-General Grounding Guidelines

Session VI – Box Level Shielding

-Materials & Limitations
-Dealing with Openings and Penetrations
-Magnetic Field Shielding Issues
-Cable Shielding & Connectors
-General Shielding Design Guidelines

Who Should Attend:
Electronics, mechanical and systems engineers and technicians, EMC personnel and technical managers could all benefit.

(No prior EMC knowledge is needed – just a desire to learn about EMC design and troubleshooting).

Course Fee:
$1,895 for three-day Design for EMC 

What Attendees are Saying:

“Course was excellent!”
“Great class — helpful information.”
“All my questions have been answered! Very informative!”
“As an entry-level seminar on EMI control, the course covered a broad range of topics, all of which are applicable to product design. Excellent course!”

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