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Leaky Taillights Cause Electrical Problems in Hyundai Genesis

2015 hyundai genesis photo

Hyundai is recalling an estimated 24,400 units of the 2015 Genesis in the United States because of an electrical problem caused by leaky rear lights. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, water may enter the rear combination lamp assemblies and cause the transmission to display the wrong gear or delay engagement when the vehicle shifts from Park to Reverse or Drive.

Leaky tail lights might not seem like an urgent issue, but if the incorrect gear is displayed, the vehicle could move in the wrong direction, which poses a serious safety hazard. Owners of the 2015 Genesis will be contacted by dealerships to arrange the installation of additional waterproofing pads which should prevent moisture from leaking into the taillights.

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Source: Autoblog | Photo by David_Kerwood

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