LCR Electronics Inc. Announces a New Cost-Effective and Customizable Electronic Control

LCR Electronics, Inc. has announced the introduction of a new and highly cost-effective Electronic Control, the EC1032, for a compact way to quickly and easily add variable output control to your appliance or product.

In conjunction with an available potentiometer assembly, the EC1032 is an inexpensive, simple and flexible way to incorporate a new feature into applications including fluid pumps, fans, small appliances, lighting, heating, equipment cooling, humidity control and exhaust ventilators.

Using a phase cut technique; the EC1032 can be used on any single phase power input up to and including 240VAC at 12A. At about the size of a match box, the EC1032 can be placed in any small space with available air flow such as a handle cavity or alongside a motor. OEMs will find this product useful for adjustment of motor speed, light intensity, heat output, water flow, or air pressure. The EC1032 can provide just the right amount of output for a large range of products and end-user needs.

LCR specializes in developing solutions for our customer’s project-specific applications, as well as getting those designs to market quickly and efficiently.

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