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Meet Engineer Laura Zehnder

Our most recent addition to the EMC team is Laura Zehnder. Though only five years out of college, Laura has already amassed a broad range of experiences that began with a three-semester coop while she was working on her B.S.E.E. from the University of Toledo. This coop gave Laura her first taste for EMC when, among other tasks at NASA’s Langley Research Center, she tests space shuttle instrumentation for electronic compliance. The EMC lab was the last to check the Columbia shuttle before it’s last flight in 2003. The unexpected perk after a straight 36 hours work was to meet the astronauts before takeoff.

During her junior and senior years, Laura worked in telecommunications as an RF engineer for AT&T Wireless in Ohio. But she missed the hands-on problem solving of her coop opportunity. So on graduation in 2007, Laura took a position as an EMC engineer for LS research in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. In 2010, she moved to Georgia to become an agency compliance engineer with Automated Logic. What Laura loves about her work is that a compliance engineer never knows what is going to come into the lab but, whatever it is, she gets to handle it first, see how it works, and play with it … and what “it” is will often be cutting edge and very cool. Laura’s advice to new compliance engineers; “Don’t be ashamed to ask how it works.”

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