Launch of Simple Conformance Test System Fills Market Void for Economical Solution to Verify LTE Mobile Terminals

Photo Source: Anritsu Company

Photo Source: Anritsu Company

Anritsu Company has introduced the Simple Conformance Test System ME7800L that offers LTE chipset, module, mobile terminal, IoT device and smartphone manufacturers, as well as mobile operators and test houses an easy and cost-effective solution to conduct RF and Protocol Conformance tests from 3GPP specifications, including 36.523, 36.521-1, and 36.521-3. A GCF/PTCRB-approved test platform (TP160), the ME7800L and its supported test cases fill a market void for an economical method to confirm LTE mobile terminals can connect with global mobile networks.

The ME7800L satisfies the market requirement for an economical and efficient solution that supports terminal certification in applications where advanced, expensive functionality is not required. Its industry-first ability to conduct RF and Protocol Conformance tests simultaneously on a single platform provides engineers with cost and verification advantages. The RF conformance tests support TRx, Performance, and RRM tests. The ME7800L is positioned to be used during the development and quality assurance (QA) stages of chipsets, modules, mobile terminals, IoT devices and smartphones.

The ME7800L brings excellent operability, reliability and stability to economic environments that require basic tests.

Source: Anritsu Company

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