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Launch of new AXOS5 – Compact Immunity Test System

Hipotronics, Inc., a Brewster, NY, USA based company and Haefely EMC, a Basel, Switzerland based company both known as manufacturers of high voltage test and measurement equipment, announce the launch of a new compact immunity test system, the AXOS 5 (sold under the brand name of Haefely EMC).

Haefely Technology’s AXOS5 compact immunity test system integrates all of the best pieces of our stand alone test systems into one single box. The AXOS5 combines 5kV Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) and surge combination wave, along with AC/DC dips and interrupt, & numerous external I/Os all integrated into one compact system. This allows for quick, completely automated, and safe testing of products to the most common IEC, ANSI, IEEE & UL standards including pre-defined test routines & setups. Additional features of the AXOS5 are a large color graphic interface with industrial computer, easy to use menu functions with one touch operation, real time voltage and current monitoring, integrated 16A single phase coupling & decoupling network, USB & Ethernet connectivity for use with remote computers.  

Information and a complete description of the AXOS 5, can be found at or  For further information on all other Hipotronics equipment, please visit  Hipotronics Inc and Haefely EMC are subsidiaries of the Hubbell Corporation located in Orange, CT.

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