Laser Design and Rx Solutions Announce North American Distribution Partnership for Industrial CT 3D Scanner

Industrial CT 3D Scanner | In Compliance Magazine

Laser Design, Inc. (LDI) announced a partnership with Rx Solutions of France for North American distribution of the Rx Solutions DeskTom CT 3D Scanner. The DeskTom system is designed to address the rapidly-growing market for 3D Dimensional Metrology and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions. Rx Solutions teamed up with LDI because of LDI’s extensive experience marketing and supporting high-accuracy 3D scanning solutions.

The DeskTom CT scanner from Rx Solutions is a 3D micro-tomography and digital radioscopy system enabling previously-inaccessible internal geometries of an object to be inspected without its destruction or labor and cost intensive disassembly.  Laser Design utilizes Volume Graphics software for post processing CT samples, allowing structural analysis of materials, porosity analyses, and fiber orientation determination, along with complete dimensional inspection and definitions.

In addition to sales of the Rx Solutions DeskTom scanner, LDI offers 3D scanning services to customers worldwide using the DeskTom system.

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