Laird Releases New Version of Laird Connection Manager (LCM)

Laird has announced the release a new version of the popular Laird Connection Manager (LCM). Previous versions of LCM (formerly known as Summit Client Utility, or SCU) have been used to configure and manage Laird’s Wi-Fi radios on over a million business-critical devices used in the world’s most challenging environments. LCM version 4, which is available beginning with 40 Series radio modules, configures and manages both the Wi-Fi (dual-band 802.11n) and Bluetooth (2.1) components of the module.

Like the earlier version, the new LCM version 4 offers two levels of functionality: user and administrator. When using LCM version 4 on a device with a 40 series radio inside, a user can conveniently view the status of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on one screen, saving both administrators and users time. If a connection issue arises, a user can gather diagnostics information and run diagnostics tests.  In addition to user functions, a device administrator can create and manage Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth device profiles.

The new version of LCM also has a very different look from its predecessor. Five layout tabs have been streamlined to three – Status, Configuration, and Diagnostics – with Bluetooth information and functions integrated on each tab.  

LCM version 4 operates on Windows Embedded Compact (formerly Windows CE) and Windows Embedded Handheld (formerly Windows Mobile), with support for Android planned. Previous versions of LCM remain available for versions of Laird Wi-Fi radio modules other than the 40 Series.

For more information, view the Laird video “Introducing the Laird Connection Manager”,  which covers new features and key improvements in the latest version of the LCM. To view the User’s Guide for the new version of LCM, visit