Laird Expands EMI Shielding Portfolio with Edge Guide Clip-on Strip

Laird has announced the release of a new Fingerstock product, the Edge Guide Clip-on Strip. Ideal for virtually every application where Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) need to be grounded and/or shielded, this new product reduces installation and labor costs and is available in custom lengths. 

A customer installing a 10cm, or 8 finger strip, could reduce installation time by up to 80% using the Edge Guide Clip-on Strip as opposed to performing  a typical installation with 8 traditional single clips. The strip is specifically designed to offer excellent grounding and/or shielding contact from the PCB to a card guide on a rack or housing inside electronics. The unique snap-in feature of the contact fingers prevents any potential snagging, allowing for bi-directional sliding contact along the edges. The strip is made from beryllium copper (BeCu), it is RoHs compliant and available with various plating options, including tin or nickel. Low compression forces allow for easy installation of the card. 

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