Laird Engineer Awarded “Inventor of the Year”

Laird announced Larry Creasy, director of technology, has received the “Inventor of the Year” award from The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL). The award honors the top inventors in the region based on the innovation and commercial success of their products.

Creasy was nominated for the award based on his work with EcoGreen™ fabric-over-foam (FOF) gaskets. Fabric-over-foam gaskets offer high conductivity and shielding to protect electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and are ideal for use in computer and telecommunications equipment seams and apertures. The EcoGreen™ gaskets line from Laird uses halogen-free adhesive, allowing the company to avoid the use of environmentally sensitive chemicals such as brominated and chlorinated fire retardants, while still maintaining overall product performance.  Since their introduction in 2006, Laird has sold over 600 million EcoGreen™ gaskets.

“Larry has added tremendous value to Laird over his 22 years with the company,” explained Naoto Mizuta, senior vice president at Laird. “His knowledge and expertise in electromagnetic interference has helped drive some of our most innovative products that also meet or exceed our sustainability practices.”

Laird strives to promote sustainability throughout its operations. The company looks after the environment through the development of products and also aims to help customers reduce their impact on the environment. In 2013 every EMI gasket and tape product released by Laird was halogen free, in line with the IEC standard, highlighting Laird’s commitment to sustainability.

EcoGreen™ gaskets comply with modern environmental standards including the European Union’s RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). The gaskets also achieve the highest UL-94 flame rating of V0, making them flame retardant.

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