Laboratory Continues U.S. EMC Testing Services Expansion

Element-NwEMC AquisitionElement has announced the July 1, 2016 acquisition of Northwest EMC, further expanding their presence in the U.S. EMC testing market place.

Charles Noall, President and CEO of Element, says:

“Northwest EMC’s exceptional capabilities mean that it perfectly fits the profile of companies we acquire and the business that we are building. We are establishing a global platform for EMC at an accelerated pace. It is a fantastic company, with technical industry leaders delivering innovative services in an exciting market space. We truly believe in the ability of Northwest EMC’s team to enhance our technical expertise, while bringing a commercial focus which stands out in the industry. The acquisition will allow us to develop an even greater reach to support Northwest EMC’s existing client base with new services.”

The acquisition of Northwest EMC is the first since Bridgepoint Capital became Element’s majority shareholder in 2016. And continues to emphasize Element’s growth strategy, which last year saw Element acquire TRaC Global, Environ and Cascade TEK, expanding its EMC and Environmental testing capabilities across a wide range of industry sectors and geographies.

Source: Element

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