KOA Speer Introduces New KT11835 & KTZ1030 Transponder Coils for Receiving LF Antennas

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the KT11835 and KTZ1030, part of the KT series of receiving transponder coils for low frequency antennas. Featuring precision tolerances of ±2%, 3% or 5%, inductance at 125kHz between 1mH~12mH (KT11835) or 1mH~7.6mH (KTZ1030), and an operating temperature range between -40°C to 125°C, the KT transponder coils offer high Q and excellent sensitivity.

The KT series transponder coils showcase a unique construction that arranges the electrode in the long side of the body, which is then covered with molding resin. Because neither the electrode nor the land pattern disturb the coil flux, KT111835 and KTZ1030 transponder coils feature excellent sensitivity up to 75mV/µT in low frequency around 125 kHz.

KOA’s KT11835 and KTZ1030 construction also features four metal plate electrode terminals, which help ensure a strong PC board fixation, in addition to a strong resistance to vibration, shock and the substrate bend test. KT series transponder coils also offer excellent resistance to impact from dropping.

KT series transponder coils are ideal for automotive, transportation, agriculture, medical, and consumer markets, in applications such as security systems, RF-ID, animal and other wireless identification, medical engineering, logistics tracking devices, as well as immobilizers, TPMS-systems and keyless entry/start for the auto industry.

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