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Keystone Compliance Adds Environmental Laboratory Manager

Keystone Compliance, LLC, an EMI/EMC compliance test lab in New Castle, PA, is pleased to announce the recent addition of Scott Maxwell to the position of Environmental Laboratory Manager. Maxwell will lead Keystone Compliance’s entry into environmental testing.

Maxwell has over 20 years of experience in the environmental testing industry. His experience includes direct exposure to various types of environmental testing including Dynamics (vibration, shock, shock response spectrum (SRS), and seismic), and Climatics (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, altitude, thermal vacuum). Maxwell also managed a fire resistance testing laboratory that included Telecom (NEBS) GR-63-CORE System Level Fire resistance testing and FAA Jet Engine Fire Simulation with FAA, DER, and government witness. Additionally, Maxwell has managed and performed nuclear qualification testing, pressure testing, air and fluid flow testing and vehicle crash testing.  Maxwell has served on various boards and committees and possesses an intimate understanding of the various military, commercial, and industry specific test specifications used in today’s test protocols.

“Scott has the knowledge and experience to establish an environmental lab with the customers’ needs in mind,” said Keystone Compliance’s President, Tony Masone. “His in-the-lab experience and practical knowledge of all aspects of environmental testing will be an enormous benefit to our customers in the successful completion of their qualification test programs.”  

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Keystone Compliance will begin providing environmental testing in June of 2011, initially focusing on the following standards:

  • Military Standards (including Mil-Std-810, Mil-Std-202, Mil-Std-883, Mil-Std-167)
  • Aerospace Standards (including RTCA/DO-160)
  • Automotive Standards (including SAE/USCAR-28, AKLV 16, SAE J1113)
  • Commercial Standards (including ISTA)
  • Telecommunication Standards (including GR-63-CORE, ETSI)

Keystone Compliance is an electronic compliance testing laboratory conveniently located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland in New Castle, PA. The Company specializes in assisting manufacturers and engineers in meeting worldwide regulatory compliance in the areas of EMC, EMI, Environmental and Product Safety testing. Specific EMC/EMI/RF services include interference testing and certification services to domestic and international standards. Keystone Compliance also offers lightning/surge/transient services for the aerospace, military, telecom and automotive industries and testing for the renewable/alternative energy industry such as solar, wind power, battery and electric automotive components. Keystone Compliance’s lab includes a fully-compliant three-meter test chamber for radiated emissions and radiated immunity per FCC and European Union requirements. For more information, please visit

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