Keysight Technologies Introduces USB and LAN Power Sensors with World’s Widest Dynamic Range

USB and LAN Power Sensors | In Compliance Magazine

Keysight Technologies, Inc. announced the U2040 X-Series wide dynamic range power sensors, consisting of four USB models for wireless and radar applications, and a dedicated LAN model for satellite testing. With the world’s widest dynamic range found in a power sensor and extremely high measurement speed, the U2040 X-Series makes fast, accurate and repeatable power measurements over a wide range of power levels, allowing engineers to improve productivity and lower cost of test.

The U2040 X-Series’ 96 dB dynamic range, spanning -70 dBm to +26 dBm, enables accurate power measurements of very small signals, critical for applications such as wireless chipset and power amplifier module manufacturing. With the new average mode time selectivity feature, users are able to make both average and time selectivity average power measurements across the full 96 dB dynamic range. This is a significant improvement when compared to conventional power sensors, which often limit time-gated dynamic range measurements at around 50 dB.

With a measurement speed of up to 10,000 readings per second in fast/buffer mode, the U2040 X-Series measures continuously in real time and keeps pace with very fast pulses, up to 10 kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF). While conventional sensors only provide a snapshot of continuous pulses, leaving dead time where glitches can slip by unnoticed, U2040 X-Series sensors measure every continuous pulse without leaving time gaps in between measurement acquisitions.

The U2040 X-Series provides broadband coverage for any modulated signal, and covers all common wireless signal formats such as LTE, LTE-Advanced with 100 MHz bandwidth, and WLAN 802.11ac with 80/160 MHz bandwidth. Built-in radar and wireless presets allow faster test set up, and for data capture and analysis, engineers can use the Keysight BenchVue software, which is bundled free of charge with each sensor.

More information on the Keysight U2040 X-Series is available at

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