Keep your iPhone 12 Away from Medical Devices, Apple Says

iPhone maker Apple is cautioning certain users of its iPhone 12 models to be mindful of the potential for electromagnetic interference with medical devices.

In a late-January posting to the company’s website, Apple acknowledges that the iPhone 12 integrates more magnets and magnetic components than prior iPhone models. The company says that the devices should not pose a greater risk of interference with medical devices than prior iPhone models. However, it also encourages users with implanted pacemakers or defibrillators to keep their devices at least 6 inches away from their body, or at least 12 inches away from their body when the device is being wirelessly charged.

The posting also encourages users to consult with their physician and with the manufacturer of their medical device for further advice on recommended safe distances between users and their devices.

Read Apple’s notice regarding potential risks from internal magnets in iPhones.

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