Joslyn Surge Protection Devices Now Available with Steel Enclosures

Thomas & Betts announced their line of Joslyn® AC surge protection devices (SPDs) are now available with stainless steel enclosures for corrosive applications, including wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas processing, food and beverage processing and mining.

The steel enclosures are standard Type 304 stainless steel – an alloy of iron, chromium and nickel. Enclosures are available by special order in marine-grade Type 316 stainless steel.


They are suitable for protecting single, split and three-phase applications ranging from 120V to 600V Delta and are capable of handling high-surge energy from 20 kA to 400 kA per phase. Joslyn® SPDs protect operations from the damaging effects of electrical power surges, transients and noise from the service entrance to the equipment level.

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