Japanese Robot Hotel Opens in July

image source: wikimediaA Japanese hotel that employs human-like robots plans to open this July. Henn-na Hotel will be staffed by ten humans and ten robots that will act as receptionists and bell hops. The robots look eerily human, and they even establish eye contact and respond to body language. They will check you into the hotel, carry your luggage, make your coffee, and clean your room.

Just in case the humanoid robots aren’t enough of an oddity, the hotel is located within a Nagasaki theme park that is made to look like The Netherlands. The hotel also features high-tech amenities, such as tablets for ordering room service, automatically adjusting thermostats, and solar power to keep costs down. Despite fancy robot maids, room prices range from just $60-153 per night. Developers plan to build 1,000 similar hotels worldwide.

Source: Engadget