Jameco Electronics Launches Electronic Kits Mall

Jameco Electronics Launches Electronic Kits Mall | In Compliance Magazine

Jameco Electronics now has the largest selection of electronic kits and they are all easily accessible via an online shopping mall exclusively dedicated to electronics projects at www.Jameco.com/KitMall.

Electronic hobby kits and supplies are organized into “zones” by areas of interest in the Electronic Kits Mall: alternative energy, 3D printing, Arduino, Parallax, education and hobby kits, lighting, wireless technology and electronic design. Each zone includes links to related fun DIY projects, DIY videos, free electronics resources, tech tips and Club Jameco.

The Electronic Kits Mall is easy to navigate and showcases Jameco’s extensive collection of electronics projects, which are educational and fun for all ages and skill levels. These kits are created by popular manufacturers such as Adafruit, OWI-Robot, Parallax and Velleman, as well as exclusive kits created for Jameco by independent designers from around the world.

“Not only does Jameco have the most extensive collection of electronic kits under one roof, but we offer kits you won’t find anywhere else,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Greg Harris. “The variety we offer touches all aspects of electronics for those who want to build creations you can’t simply buy in a store.”

Learn more at www.Jameco.com/KitMall.

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