SAE Published Updated Version of J2293/2_201402

EV Range Anxiety Still Exists - EMPTY Low Battery

A new revision of J2293/2 has been published by SAE International. J2293/2 applies to “Energy Transfer System for Electric Vehicles – Part 2: Communication Requirements and Network Architecture.” The new revision is available for purchase on the SAE website.


“SAE J2293 establishes requirements for Electric Vehicles (EV) and the off-board Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) used to transfer electrical energy to an EV from an Electric Utility Power System (Utility) in North America. This document defines, either directly or by reference, all characteristics of the total EV Energy Transfer System (EV-ETS) necessary to insure the functional interoperability of an EV and EVSE of the same physical system architecture.”

*Description from SAE website