Electromagnetic Compliance: A View from the Field

This article will look at what causes harmful interference and how EMC regulations address them. It will examine three typical and largely encompassing cases that can be extrapolated to many other applications.
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More on the 25-Amp Grounding Impedance Test

For production-line testing, the 25- or 30-amp grounding continuity test is not likely to identify construction anomalies that would not also be identified by a simple low-current test.
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Graphically Conveying Complex Safety Messages

As the person responsible for your product’s safety labels, you might run into this problem: you want to convey your message in “symbol-only” form because your intended audience is global and yet your safety message is fairly complex.
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Statistical Sampling Comes to ESD Testing

How can we provide a quantitative measure of ESD robustness but control the rising test times while preventing major overstress and wear out from thousands of ESD strikes per IC?