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November 2022

Shunt Inductive Discontinuity along the Transmission Line and Transmission Lines in Parallel

This article discusses the impact of a shunt inductive discontinuity along the line as well as the effect of feeding two transmission lines in parallel. The analytical results are verified through the HyperLynx simulations and laboratory measurements.

Energy Release Quantification for Li-Ion Battery Failures

The growing application of lithium-ion batteries brings with it an increased risk of unanticipated energy releases and thermal runaway. Quantifying battery energy release characteristics during product design can help mitigate those risks.

Tailoring Safety Into Audio Frequency Power-Line Susceptibility Testing

Solar Electronics founder Al Parker used to say about EMI testing, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Here are a couple more.

South Korea KS C 9814-1:2022 Standard

This article addresses the latest changes to the KS C 9814-1 (and CISPR 14-1) standard.
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Health Monitoring and Prediction of Cells in a Battery Module or Pack Under Operating Condition

The state of health of cells in a battery pack under operating condition is difficult to obtain through existing IEC and ISO standard methods under laboratory conditions. However, a cell state of health (SOH) profile shall be able to establish by the comparison of electro-impedance spectroscopy (EIS) generated statically versus dynamic operating data retrieved by battery management system (BMS) communication interface as fragments of EIS.

Commercial Versus Automotive ESD Integrated Circuit Qualification: Part 2

This is Part 2 of an article describing the difference between the electrostatic discharge (ESD) qualification requirements for automotive and standard commercial integrated circuits.

Product Liability and Your Safety Labels

Product safety labels are an important part of keeping users safe and reducing liability risk. There are two main standards for safety labels that are key to creating effective warnings that accurately communicate hazard information: ANSI Z535.4 domestically and ISO 3864-2 internationally.

Banana Skins – November 2022 (#404-410)

The Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation has announced that they have confirmed that some of the household electrical heaters available in Japan malfunction when subjected to electrical disturbances.
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Most Important PCB Layer Stack-up Considerations That Achieve Optimal EMC Performance

There are many books and other reference materials available that describe proper printed circuit...

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