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May 2024

May 2024 Cover

Do Measurements Validate Simulations?

It is common for people doing simulations to make a measurement of a similar set up to validate the simulation. The real issue is whether the tool user understands the problem well enough to capture the important features, and whether the user understands the tool well enough to use it correctly.

Functional Safety: Overview and Methods

Functional safety encompasses various standards and requirements for ensuring safe product operation. Functional safety evaluations are necessary whenever controls are employed to ensure safe product operation, with the process generally similar across projects despite differing nuances in standards and applications.

Thermal Runaway Energy Release as a Function of the State of Charge

Designing safe products powered by lithium-ion batteries requires an understanding of how the battery pack will behave while undergoing thermal runaway. In this work, fractional thermal runaway calorimetry is used to estimate the energy release from cells at different states of charge when undergoing a thermal runaway.

How Manufacturers and Retailers Can Collaborate to Provide Quality Products and Conduct Effective Recalls

Manufacturers, retailers, and regulators have been working to improve product safety and make recalls more effective. This has been especially important for online retailers who have additional ways to directly contact their customers.
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Image Theory: Radiation From Hertzian Dipole Above Ground Plane

This article presents the derivation of the radiated far fields from a Hertzian dipole antenna above the ground plane using image theory.

Voltage to Current Correlation for CDM Testing

It is now well known that testing for CDM ESD evaluation is becoming a bigger challenge. An alternate approach called capacitively coupled transmission line pulsing (CCTLP) offers advantages over standard field-induced CDM testing.

Using RF Monitoring Probes to Troubleshoot Transient Failures

In large systems, such as big cabinets housing numerous electronic components, employing the near-field probe method can be time-consuming and, depending on the voltage level, potentially unsafe (for instance, when dealing with high-voltage circuits requiring isolation). In such scenarios, an alternative approach is necessary.

Banana Skins – May 2024 (#445-451)

The Banana Skin columns were compiled by Keith Armstrong, of Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd, from items he found in various publications, and anecdotes and links sent in by the many fans of the column.
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