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May 2023

Seventy Years of Electromagnetic Interference Control in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Ships and Spaceships, as well)

The first in a multi-part series of articles exploring the background of modern electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements and test methods covers general topics.

ESD Designers’ Headache with Multiple Automotive Test Requirements, Part I

The trend of progressively migrating both ESD and EMC immunity from the system/board to the component level is creating unprecedented challenges for the component ESD designer.

The Future of Wi-Fi

The revolution and advancement of Wi-Fi technology are led by efforts of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) and based on the IEEE 802.11™ series of wireless connectivity standards.

CPSC Gets Aggressive About Failure to Report

Manufacturers need to understand their legal responsibilities when analyzing post-sale incidents, injuries, and lawsuits so they can argue that they met their statutory reporting responsibilities.
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Smith Chart and Input Impedance to Transmission Line

This is the second of the three articles devoted to the topic of a Smith Chart.

Updated Trends in Charge Device Model (CDM)

As long as integrated circuits migrate to new technologies and advances are made in packaging more integrated circuit dies into a single package, the CDM challenge is going to get harder.

Four Useful Tips for Using Affordable Benchtop Spectrum Analyzers

In this column, we discuss several important features of a spectrum analyzer not covered in previous articles that are worth your consideration.

Non-traditional Training Courses – How Valuable Are They?

This month’s article focuses on the value of non-traditional training courses. To be clear, when referring to non-traditional training courses, what is meant is anything that is not considered a traditional program like a two- or four-year degree program, a Master’s, or Ph.D. program, etc.
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Questions to Ask When Looking for an EMC Immunity Antenna

Antennas come in many different types, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which one fits the need the best. In the case of immunity antennas, the correct selection may be the difference of reaching field and not. The antenna is the most important part of the system. Given that the amplifiers can be the costliest part of the system, one needs to take the time to research and find the correct antenna to make the best use of the available power.

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