Experiments of DC Human Body Resistance I

Direct Current (DC) applications have become more prevalent in recent years, primarily due to the increased usage of renewable energy and energy storage systems. A review of the existing safety standards and other literature shows that there is limited experimental data on DC human body resistance. In particular, no information was found by the authors describing the repeatability of DC body impedance and the effect of contact material and other variables.

Basic Bode Plots in EMC Applications – Part II: Examples

This Part II of the tutorial illustrates the Bode plots’ use in several EMC applications. EMC applications will include the non-ideal models of resistors, inductors, and capacitors, as well as the spectral bounds on digital clock signals.
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Radiated EMI From A Buck Converter

EMC radiated problems in HF/VHF ranges are typical in products with switching-mode power supplies (SMPS) as for example flyback and buck converters. Usually no high power is needed to radiate signals well over the legal EMC limits.
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Why Tunnel FETs?

The answer to this question is linked with breakdown of Moore’s law and Dennard’s scaling theory.