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A Sunny Day in Tennessee: The New Volkswagen Plant at Chattanooga

1305 F4 coverThe lack of conversation around the environment, climate change, and our energy economy during the 2012 election season, while widely noted, still seemed to attract little attention. Certainly health, financial and national security issues were more immediate concern for many voters. Yet, the lack of initiative at the federal level has not kept technical innovators, astute business people and local governments from moving forward with new ideas for addressing our environmental and energy concerns.

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Engineering Our Future: A View of Changes Facing Engineers – Part 3

1305 F3 coverEditor’s Note: Over the past months we’ve explored one engineer’s view of historical patterns and events that have set the landscape for today’s economic challenges. In this final installment, Mr. Kervill brings us into the present and concludes the series by summarizing his predictions for the future. Communication is so fast that it is not a factor in restricting today’s technology. Not only is the world flat, as described by Thomas Friedman, but it has only one time zone.

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Heading to the EU? Get Your EMC Compliance Passport Ready!

1305 F2 coverWhen a manufacturer is thinking of the European Union (EU) as the next market for its electronic equipment, EMC compliance is one of the must-haves on the list of approvals. Unless a company has dedicated quality personnel to ensure testing and certification is done to the letter, the approval process can be quite complicated for engineers – from identifying the correct standards and models for testing to writing the declaration of conformity and preparing the product for testing. This article will explain what engineers need to do to demonstrate compliance.

The View from the Chalkboard – May 2013

One of the questions I get asked frequently is “What software exists that can be used to assist in the teaching of EMC?” This is a good question! For this month’s column I would like to ask you that same thing ... Read More...

The iNARTE Informer – May 2013

On May 6, 2012, iNARTE formally merged with RABQSA International. Since that time, the iNARTE staff members, including Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Kathy Lawrence, have worked closely with RABQSA staff members to suc... Read More...