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March 2020

Impact of Decoupling Capacitors and Embedded Capacitance on Impedance of Power and Ground Planes: Part I

We investigate two four-layer PCBs with power and ground plane pairs spaced 3 mils and 30 mils apart.

Standards Development Process

The standards development and revision process can appear to be a lot like consulting some hallowed oracle with edicts or directives that cannot be questioned.

Banana Skins – March 2020 (#258-264)

The regular “Banana Skins” column was published in the EMC Journal, starting in January...

Let’s Talk About… Baluns

What is an antenna Balun? The term balun is a portmanteau (a blending of two words) of balanced/unbalanced – BAL-UN.
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China Certification Authority CNCA Announces Important Changes to CCC Regulations

The latest announcement by Chinese Certification Authority CNCA has a significant impact on many automotive suppliers and car manufacturers. Several products were removed from the list of products that require compulsory product certification. Other products must now obtain a CCC Self-Declaration.

TCAD Modeling for ESD

TCAD simulation can identify ESD relevant effects and the internal operation of a device under ESD stress conditions that are not generally accessible through conventional measurement techniques. TCAD simulation can help to reduce IC and device design cycle times, resulting in the more timely introduction of innovative products to market.

Arson Under the Christmas Tree

A rural mountain cottage fire was initially ruled as an accidental Christmas tree fire. The insurance company’s Special Investigation Unit discovered information that prompted further fire scene investigation. The scene investigation resulted in evidence that the fire was likely intentionally set.

A Tsunami of Regulatory Changes is Coming

Medical device veteran Jon Speer breaks down the latest changes in the medical device regulatory landscape, both in Europe and the U.S.
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The Future of the IEC 60601 Series: An Update

This article discusses where we are currently with the IEC 60601 series of standards and where we are headed for the next round of amendments (2020 - 2022). Further down the line is the development of the next full edition of the IEC 60601 Series (targeting around 2024 publication).

Technology Developments and the Risk of Product Liability

The risks of product liability sometime affect technological developments in hardware and software used to make products. They can stifle innovation and make some advancements seem too risky. How does the law view these products and what can be done to evaluate and reduce these risks.

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