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March 2019

Let’s Talk About Magnetic Field Antennas

Besides using magnetic loop antennas for compliance tests in strict accordance with standards, they can be used for engineering design and pre-compliance work.

RC Snubber Design for SMPS Protection

This part II of the RC Snubber topic discusses the systematic and efficient design process and design verification through simulations and laboratory measurements

Letter from the Editor: The 2019 Annual Reference Guide

Welcome to 2019, and the 10th anniversary edition of In Compliance Magazine’s Annual Reference Guide!

Visualizing Crosstalk in PCBs

Crosstalk is a well-known problem for EMI/EMC and signal integrity designers. But, for non-specialist electronic designers, this problem can create unexpected and difficult to discover failures in electronic products.
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What comprises the state-of-the-art in ESD control today?

The full application of ANSI/ESD S20.201 or IEC61340-5-12 coupled with a complete understanding of...

Banana Skins – March 2019 (#153-171)

We are proud to carry on the tradition of sharing Banana Skins for the purpose of promoting education for EMI/EMC engineers.

Best Practices in Product Safety Management

The elements of a program to deal with pre-sale and post-sale safety issues are well-known. But the specifics of what elements should be used and how by a particular manufacturer are often unknown. Therefore, the most important question that must be answered by any company manufacturing finished products or component parts is “What should my company do and how should I do it?”

New Lightning Hazards to Consider for Aircraft Certification

The evolution of E and H fields on aircraft struck by lightning is a complex process. An October 2014 in-flight lightning strike is reviewed in this article as an example that inspires a fresh look at how lightning E and H fields should be considered for indirect effects certification.
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A Discussion on Low-Cost Printed Circuit Board Design

Low-cost designs are often an underserved and challenging part of a layout engineer’s career and getting increasingly complicated.

New Requirements for MOVs Used for Surge Suppression on AC Mains Ports

It is a common misconception that any product that complies with IEC 60950-1 will also comply with IEC 62368-1. A key goal of this article is to help readers of IEC 62368-1 understand the underlying safety concerns that the new requirements are trying to address.

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