Rethinking Electrical Overstress

Electrical overstress (EOS) accounts for most of the electrical failures of devices that occur in factories and in the field. One important electrical stress, electrostatic discharge (ESD), has received much at... Read More...

Exploring the Characteristics of Field Coupled Crosstalk

Interference between circuits is a common occurrence, which is increasingly problematic with our ever condensing technology operating in a wide range of operating frequencies. This interference, known as crosstalk, can be conducted or radiated, and we refer to the circuits generating and receiving this interference as either the source or receptor.

The EU’s New Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU

This article provides a brief overview of the revised requirements of the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Anyone involved in the design or compliance of electrical products that in some way utilize the radio spectrum should learn about the changes in the requirements to ensure their ongoing product compliance.