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March 2015

CPSC Mandates Safety Programs for Manufacturers and Retailers: The History Behind the CPSC’s Action

Since its inception, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has encouraged companies to...

Complying With the EU’s EMC Directive Without 3rd Party Testing

A common path to achieving compliance to the European Union’s (EU’s) EMC Directive 2004/108/EC...

Importance of Traceability in EMI Measurements

This article will introduce the concept of traceability, discuss the role an EMC test laboratory must assume to ensure traceability of test results and will introduce a future amendment to CISPR 16-1-1 which describes the requirements for calibration of EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers.

Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge – Part Six: ESD Standards

The electronics industry is continually shifting. Device circuitry density and technology is more complex....
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The FCC TCB Program: A Government and Industry Cooperative

“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be...

Medical Devices in a Wireless World

What you need to know about medical device manufacturing, wireless technologies and compliance.

I’m Partial to Partial Inductance!

1409 F2 coverIt is well known (but often forgotten) that the concept of inductance, without defining a complete loop of current, is completely meaningless! Some books give inductance of a length or wire, some people talk about the inductance of a via, and still others talk about the inductance of ground braids, etc. All these discussions about inductance ignore the requirement for a complete loop before the total or loop inductance can be discussed in any meaningful way.

Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge – Part Five: Device Sensitivity and Testing

The models and test procedures used to characterize, determine, and classify the sensitivity of components to ESD.
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Using EMC Tools to Help Designs Pass the First Time

1408 F1 coverThis is a true story. When I first joined IBM as an EMC engineer, my new manager handed me a document titled ‘EMC Design Process at IBM’ and asked me to comment. I quickly read the short document that basically said that the EMC engineer would provide the design engineers a list of EMC rules, which would be largely ignored.

Prepping for EMI Testing

1408 F3 coverLike it or not, most electronic designs today are subject to formal EMI testing. So even if you are new to EMI/EMC (electromagnetic interference/compatibility), you need to understand what is involved and how to best prepare for a trip to the EMI test lab.

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