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July 2022

Evaluation of PCB Design Options on Analog Signal RF Immunity using a Multilayer PCB

This month’s column is the last of three parts devoted to designing, testing, and EMC immunity evaluation of multilayer PCBs containing analog circuitry.

A Bias Tee for Broadband Measurement of Power Electronic Components

Bias tees are an important tool for many applications including vector network analysis. As accurate understanding and modeling of power electronic components becomes increasingly important for the study of their electromagnetic emissions, so do broadband measurements with bias tees. This paper describes the composition of such a special bias tee in terms of the necessary geometries and circuitry.

The Rise of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in Automobiles, Industrial Automation, and Aviation

Speed and determinism in design, made possible by time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology, is prompting the development of new TSN profiles for a multitude of applications across industry sectors. The IEEE 802.1™ Working Group of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) offers numerous TSN profiles for applications, including the automotive, manufacturing, and aviation industries.

Continuity and Change in International Wireless Approvals

On the 15th anniversary of his career in international product approvals, the author looks back on what has changed and what has remained the same in the global product approval process.
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Preparing For and Implementing Product Recalls in 2022

Recalls are a major contributor to product liability incidents and lawsuits, interactions with government safety agencies, disputes with suppliers and product sellers, and negative publicity with the buying public. New guides have recently been issued that can help a manufacturer and product seller to better understand how to prepare for and implement an effective recall.

Latch-up Electronic Design Automation Checks

This article introduces typical latch-up verification techniques to detect and prevent latch-up. These techniques rely on electronic design automation (EDA) tools to deliver the coverage necessary to identify and eliminate latch-up risks. 

ANSI Z535 In Focus

This year, 2022, is a revision cycle year for ANSI Z535, and it marks the first time many of the standards have changed in over a decade. This month’s column explores the latest updates and what they mean for product safety.

Banana Skins – July 2022 (#385-393)

Search and rescue transmitter interferes with car alarms, central locking, and garage door openers in Las Vegas.
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Post-layout Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Simulation Software Expectations

Discover the most important post-layout elements when selecting a SI/PI software simulation package.

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