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July 2020

EMC/Signal Integrity Simulation Software Common Terms

Are you just getting into software simulation and feeling a little overwhelmed with all the new jargon? This brief article will explain some of the most common terms used in the very exciting world of EMC/Signal Integrity simulation software, all in one location.

Dipole-Type Antennas in EMC Testing: Part II

Part II of this two-article series focuses on log-periodic and biconical antenna impedance, VSWR, and radiated emissions measurements.

A Novel Statistical Model for the Electromagnetic Coupling to Electronics inside Enclosures

The goal of this paper is to investigate fundamental mathematical and statistical algorithms for the spatiospectral analysis of electromagnetic coupling in large, complex electronic systems. A novel stochastic Green’s function and a statistical representation formula are proposed, which statistically replicates the multipath wave-chaotic dynamics inside cavity environments. The work achieves a physics-based modeling and simulation capability that predicts the probabilistic behavior of high power radio-frequency induced current and voltages in complex electronic systems.

Measurements of Conducted EMI in the Manufacturing Environment

Answering the needs of managing EMI in actual use, this article provides hands-on guidance to specialists at the factories and elsewhere on measuring conducted EMI where it matters – in their environment. Anyone who knows how to use an oscilloscope can perform such measurements.
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Fast Evaluation of a Filter or Shield Against an Electromagnetic Pulse

Single electromagnetic pulses like lightning, ESD, powerline transients, NEMP, etc., are generally described in time domain, while filters and shields are practically always characterized in frequency domain. This article describes a quick and handy formula and nomogram providing a fair estimate of the filter or shield response to a conducted or radiated threat.

Impact from IC On-Chip Protection Design on EOS

Robust ESD protection does not ensure that IC designs are protected from unintended EOS effects. This article identifies areas of risk in some ESD design methods.

How Do You Compare ANSI/ESD S20.20 and MIL-STD-1686?

Confusion is created when there is more than one standard to define requirements. For ESD control, this has been the case with a military standard (MIL‑STD‑1686) and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

“Keep Out of Reach of Children” Symbol in Focus

We’re taking a close-up look at a specific new symbol’s development. This article includes behind-the-scenes insight straight from Geoffrey Peckham, the chairman of ISO/TC 145.
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