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July 2019

Let’s Talk About Selecting Software for EMC Emissions & Immunity Testing

There are many benefits to semi or fully automated electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emissions and...

EMC Units in Measurements and Testing

This article reviews the decibel units used in EMC laboratory measurements and testing. We begin by defining a decibel (dB) unit and proceed to the EMC specific units for voltage, current, power, and impedance measurements.

Estimating Reverberant Electromagnetic Fields in Populated Enclosures by Using the Diffusion Model

The authors predict the internal electromagnetic field of a populated enclosure by using the diffusion model, and compare them with the fields obtained by the power balance method, a full-wave electromagnetic solver and measurements, to demonstrate its efficacy.

FCC Approval Process: What Has Changed, What Remains the Same

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted new rules to streamline the equipment authorization process that went into effect in late 2018. This article discusses the key changes in detail and provides guidance to those seeking FCC authorization.
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So You Want To Be a Consultant?

Ever contemplated becoming a consultant? Living free of the corporate bureaucracy? Collecting those big fees? Traveling the world? But how does one get started anyway?

The EU’s Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 – Are You Ready for Huge Sweeping Changes?

This article discusses the history of why the EU MDR came into existence. It goes into the critical dates to be aware of, many of the significant changes, and impacts on many of the players (Notified Bodies, manufacturers, etc.). Lastly, it details the key steps that device manufacturers should take to implement the provisions of the MDR.

Be Careful with Input-Output Feedback in Filters

When designing EMI filters how and where the filter is installed is critical to obtain the desired insertion losses. Usually, the effect of a wrong location or installation is not considered in the design of the filter and surprises appear.

Garment Testing

When garments are specified as part of an ESD control program, they must be qualified and verified by testing.
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Using Supplementary Safety Symbols

This month we look at what “supplementary symbols” are – and how and when to use them on the safety labels on your products.

Banana Skins – July 2019 (#198-204)

We are proud to carry on the tradition of sharing Banana Skins for the purpose of promoting education for EMI/EMC engineers.

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