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Al’s Notebook

I love fools’ experiments. I am always making them. To discover anything new, one has to be ready to be fooled, as sometimes the experiment fools the experimenter One, too, must be ready to be surprised and... Read More...
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The Hazards of Multiple Grounding

One of my colleagues has a desk drawer full of I/O boards that have been burned quite severely. Why did they burn? The I/O boards are in energy-limited SELV circuits. There should be no possibility of fire. ... Read More...
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Lessons Learned Through Pre-certification Testing

1407 F1 coverReading EMI test results from a test lab is very much like a radiologist reading a CT scan or MRI results. To the novice, it may seem very hard to decipher what is what, but to the trained eye, the test results provide a road map to not only the frequencies of the outages, but also an indication of what or where the outages more than likely are emanating from.

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New Development Tools and EMC Strategies in Step with Practical Electronics

1407 F2 coverImagine for a moment that you are trying out a brand new car: you slide into one of the ergonomic seats, start the engine and, to make things perfect, would like to listen to some music. However when you switch this on, you suddenly notice interesting side effects. The light comes on in the passenger compartment, for example. Or the radio starts whistling and whimpering.