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January 2019

Let’s Talk About Preamplifiers

A preamplifier (preamp) is a low-noise, high-gain amplifying device that plays an important role in performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) radiated and conducted emissions testing. 

Impedance of the Four Passive Circuit Components: R, L, C, and a PCB Trace

This article investigates the impedance of the three standard passive circuit components (R, L, and C) as well as the frequency response of a PCB trace.

Continuing Your Professional Education in 2019

You’ll find here sources of compliance-related seminars, workshops and other types of training, offered online and on location, public and private.

Brexit and Its Impact on Market Access

This article provides an analysis of the steps that manufacturers and distributors can take now to help ensure their continued access to the markets in the 27 remaining European Union Member States (EU-27) following the exit of the United Kingdom on 30 March 2019.
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Upcoming Changes to UN 38.3 Lithium Battery Testing

This article provides information on the changes found in Amendment 1 to the 6th Edition of UN 38.3, which details recommended testing to assess potential hazards associated with lithium-ion batteries in transit.

Avoid Critical Signals in Edges of the PCB

When routing a printed circuit board (PCB), try to avoid critical signals in emissions or immunity close to the edge of the board to create a more robust system for EMI and EMC.

ESD from Witchcraft to Science

Investment in knowledge and understanding may be amongst the best ESD control strategy we can make. We wouldn’t try to control our finances by magic, so why would we our ESD control program?

Understanding Risk Assessment

This month, we’ll look at risk assessment, a fundamental element not only of labeling, but of the overall safety of your products
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Banana Skins – January 2019 (#142-146)

The Banana Skin columns were compiled by Keith Armstrong, of Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd, from items he found in various publications, and anecdotes and links sent in by the many fans of the column.

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