What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to Know About: ESD Simulators

ESD simulators a.k.a. “ESD Guns” play an important role in product development and their proper selection and use are considered essential to any EMC test laboratory. The focus of this paper is on ESD simulators that perform testing of complete apparatus in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2 and other system level test standards.
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Harmonics in Clocks Creating EMI Problems

Clock signals from 1 to 100MHz are usually responsible for radiated EMC problems in HF/VHF range. Harmonics are the culprits, but think in current, not in voltage.
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Latch-up Qualification

Often (very) fast transients have been proven to trigger latch-up. This kind of latch-up is called transient induced latch-up, commonly known as “transient latch-up” (TLU).