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EMI vs. EMC: What’s in an Acronym?

1402 F1 cover"A rose by any other name would stink." – Kenneth Adamson

We have all seen advertising copy for test equipment manufacturers’ “EMC receivers” and “EMC test services” provided by commercial EMI test facilities. While we know what the aforementioned receiver does, and what sort of services the test facility supplies, the nomenclature is wrong and is symptomatic of a deeper problem.

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Design Practices for Military EMC and Environmental Compliance

1402 F2 coverThe reliable operation of complex electronic communications, control and armament systems in extreme environments demands stringent design criteria and careful validation. Severe shock, vibration, heat, humidity and airborne contaminants are common in land, sea and air platforms.

Usability Engineering: Observe Users, Improve Product Safety

1402 F3 coverUp until now there’s been much emphasis on designing to make a product “idiot proof”. This has provided some benefit, but what Usability Engineering is reminding us is that it is the designers who are sometimes viewed as idiots by the users. It is the users who are the experts (in usability).

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MIL-STD-461A MIL-STD-461B/C MIL-STD-461D MIL-STD-461E Test Description Frequency Test Description Frequency Test Description Frequency Test Description Frequency CE01 P... Read More...