The Antenna Measurement Standard IEEE 149 Finally Gets an Update

In its current form, IEEE Std 149 “IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Antennas” is a marginally useful document. While the standard is a good source for interesting and pertinent information, the document has not undergone a significant update since 1979. The changes to the new version of the IEEE Std 149 will make the document an essential reference in any laboratory that conducts antenna measurements.

Best Practices in Product Safety Management

The elements of a program to deal with pre-sale and post-sale safety issues are well-known. But the specifics of what elements should be used and how by a particular manufacturer are often unknown. Therefore, the most important question that must be answered by any company manufacturing finished products or component parts is “What should my company do and how should I do it?”
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Slots in GND Planes

Many of the EMI/EMC problems in electronic products can be avoided or solved with ground (GND) planes. But, be sure your GND plane is a true GND plane.
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Open Forum on System Level ESD

Will SEED (system efficient ESD design) truly get us away from the trial and error drudgery of system level ESD design?