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Faraday’s Lines of Force and Maxwell’s Theory of the Electromagnetic Field

1408 F4 coverA note from the Editor: In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Maxwell’s Equations, we are honored to bring you a chapter from the book The Life of James Clerk Maxwell, the 1882 original biography of James Clerk Maxwell. This chapter, entitled “Faraday’s Lines of Force and Maxwell’s Theory of the Electromagnetic Field,” provides a unique insight to Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetic fields.

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Using EMC Tools to Help Designs Pass the First Time

1408 F1 coverThis is a true story. When I first joined IBM as an EMC engineer, my new manager handed me a document titled ‘EMC Design Process at IBM’ and asked me to comment. I quickly read the short document that basically said that the EMC engineer would provide the design engineers a list of EMC rules, which would be largely ignored.

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Prepping for EMI Testing

1408 F3 coverLike it or not, most electronic designs today are subject to formal EMI testing. So even if you are new to EMI/EMC (electromagnetic interference/compatibility), you need to understand what is involved and how to best prepare for a trip to the EMI test lab.

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The View from the Chalkboard – August 2014

This month’s “theme” I think can best be summarized as “Learning it by DOING it – a key aspect in EMC understanding.” Many times comments are heard that the “young people of today aren’t willing to work”. I ... Read More...

On Maxwell, The Natural Philosopher

James Clerk Maxwell was a man of prodigious and singular gifts, of insight, curiosity and determination. The equations, developed one hundred and fifty years ago, describe the link between the classical and qua... Read More...
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Thermocouples and Temperature Measurement

One of our members suggested I write about thermocouples and temperature measurement. Textbooks have been written on this subject; I can only give a broad overview of the subject. Since temperature meaurement i... Read More...