Are Ions Good for You?

Associate Professor Neils Jonassen authored a bi-monthly static column that appeared in Compliance Engineering Magazine. The series explored charging, ionization, explosions, and other ESD related topics. The E... Read More...
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Reaching for the Stars from the Lens of a Telescope

1308 F1 coverToday’s digital camera sensors have the benefit of acting like a bucket that collects photons (light) - the longer the exposure, the more light (color and detail) is captured and displayed in the photograph. Long exposures from these cameras can capture light far too faint for our unaided eyes to see. These long exposures require precise tracking of the sky. Stars are like pinpoints of light. Tracking errors quickly elongate stars in a photograph, and then they look oblong or like streaks. The equipment that is available today allows amateur astronomers the opportunity to take astrophotography images that rival the detail taken by professionals just a decade ago.

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Diamond Jubilee: The 60th Anniversary of the Use of the 41 Inch Rod Antenna in Military EMI Testing

1308 F2 coverThis year marks not only the title anniversary, but arguably also that of the beginning of the modern era in vehicle electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing. Radiated emission (RE) testing of equipment to be used on self-contained vehicles is performed at one meter or less versus testing at a distance of three meters or more for equipment designed for use in homes, offices and factories.

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Filter Connectors from a 2013 Perspective

1308 F4 coverFilter connectors are often a misunderstood product for many components engineers. The lack of understanding is often a result of the fact that filter connectors seldom make the “What’s New” headlines and because many engineers typically don’t have a need for them. But those who do are certainly glad they are available!

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Timbuktu (or Bust)

Bamako, a tattered town on the Niger River, is the home of the US embassy in Mali. It being the capital, the city has offices for various aid agencies (IMF, World Bank, etc.) as well. Embassies and these other... Read More...