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April 2018

What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to Know About: Working with EMC Test Labs

Choosing an EMC test lab to work with is one of the most important decisions any electronics design engineer or product developer has to make.

Near-Field Shield Effectiveness Evaluation Using H-Field Probe

We compare the shielding effectiveness of various solid metallic shields by direct H-field measurements in the near field of the source.

Globally-Harmonized Battery Safety Standards

Beginning with its initial release in 2002, the IEC 62133 family of standards has enabled international harmonization of safety testing for small-format cells and batteries. Since then, the standard has seen a major revision in 2012 and, most recently, a very significant change in 2017. This article will detail those latest changes and their impact on compliance activities.

Why Mobile Phone Batteries Do Not Last as Long as an EV Battery

Car makers are extending the driving range of the electric vehicle to resemble a gasoline-powered car. This requires larger batteries that grow exponentially with the distance driven.
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How IEC 60512-99-001 Compliance Ensures Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) Network Reliability

Ethernet TCP/IP protocol is a staple in control room, network backbone and access link environments. The installation of technologies such as IP phones, wireless access points, security cameras and LED lighting has grown exponentially.

Latin America Regulators Embracing E-Waste and Battery Collection Laws

Latin America remains a region of great challenges in terms of covering the economic and social needs of all of its people while facing daring times trying to accommodate the increasing demand for new and better products and services.

Passive Filters Can Be Unconventionally Saturated

Usually HF filters are designed using inductors with cores. In this way a medium/high inductance value is obtained in small size components. But using cores has a limitation.

Consistency and Your Labels

This month, read our interview with Angela Lambert, Clarion’s head of standards compliance, to...
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ANSI/ESD STM11.11-2015 Surface Resistance Measurements of Static Dissipative Planar Materials

ANSI/ESD STM 11.11-2015 was developed to fulfil a need to measure static dissipative planar materials not provided for by existing ASTM resistivity measurement methods.

Banana Skins – April 2018 (#48-53)

The Banana Skin columns were compiled by Keith Armstrong, of Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd, from items he found in various publications, and anecdotes and links sent in by the many fans of the column.

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