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Data Centers are Going Green

Going “green” by reducing electricity consumption in data centers certainly has the attention of manufacturers of information technology equipment (ITE) and of data center operators. Cost and availability of el... Read More...
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Power Quality and EMC

Power quality and EMC is an increasingly important area of research. In Europe it is estimated that poor power quality results in annual costs of €150 billion. Increasing demands are also being imposed on powe... Read More...
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The iNARTE Informer – April 2012

This year, 2012, marks iNARTE’s 30th birthday. Over 30 years, we have certified more than 18,000 engineers and technicians in 33 different countries around the world.. In 1982, our organization began in Salem,... Read More...
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Who, What and Where

This column is primarily a resource for the safety symbols you place on the products you design. This time, let’s step back a bit and ask the question, “What are we doing here?” To answer this, I want to show y... Read More...
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The First Axiom of System-Product Design

The myth: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance was initially intended for the realization of  system-product compliance with the requirements of regulatory agencies through standards applications. ... Read More...
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Low Frequency EMC and Power Quality

With smart grid technologies as well as power technologies for renewables and improved energy efficiency, there is an increased use of electronics.  We see a growth in the use of power electronics as well as electronics for information technologies. The term Smart Grid enables a Smart Electrical System – the entire power system with networks as well as connected equipment converting between electrical energy and other forms of useful energy.