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IQS Testing Purchased by The Compliance Management Group

December 14, 2009 – Degree Controls, Inc. (DegreeC) has announced today that it has sold its IQS Testing business unit to Compliance Management Group (CMG) of Marlboro, MA.  Terms were not disclosed.

CMG is a long established testing and engineering services company with an extensive customer base in New England and beyond. The addition of IQS with its additional capabilities and expert staff will make the combined service offerings very attractive to customers who are looking for that one stop solution.  The CMG and IQS facilities are both located in Marlboro, within a half mile of each other and Route 495.

Eric Wilbur, President of CMG, said, “As a result of this acquisition, clients will have expanded capabilities and services at their disposal.  CMG has made its mark providing EMC and Reliability testing in industries like ITE, Automotive, Defense / Aero, Laboratory, Medical and Test & Measurement.   The addition of the IQS labs bring NEBS, Thermal Management, Air Flow testing and Product Safety Testing into the fold making the CMG team a more effective choice.”  He went on to reflect that, “CMG started in the testing business about the same time as IQS (formerly Marlboro Test Labs).  We grew up together as two of the smaller labs looking to offer a more service oriented solution when it came to testing and program management.  We see this acquisition as an opportunity to expand our customer base and service philosophy which has served us and our customers well over the last decade. CMG and the IQS division are here to continue that tradition and offer a real alternative to the larger labs in the New England test industry.”  Additional information on CMG and the IQS division can be found at  and

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Jag Sisodia, President of DegreeC, stated that, “We’re pleased to have been able to consummate this transaction and that the talented and knowledgeable people of IQS will be part of a larger CMG organization clearly dedicated to the testing business. At DegreeC, this allows us to focus even more rigorously on our core business of providing airflow and thermal management solutions for packaged electronics and data centers.”

About Degree C

In thirteen years DegreeC has become a leading provider of thermal and airflow solutions for challenging telecommunications and medical applications. DegreeC is now applying its chassis-level thermal expertise to mission-critical room-level spaces, primarily sophisticated data centers and clean rooms.  In addition to its USA locations, DegreeC has facilities in India, China, and Japan, and employs approximately 70 people. DegreeC was founded in late 1996 and has its primary offices in Milford, NH. DegreeC is a private, minority-owned ISO 9001 registered company.  Additional information on DegreeC can be found at

About The Compliance Management Group

Founded in 2002 as a program management company with a true service ethos it did not take customers long to recognize this new company had something special to offer. As early as 2003 customers insisted that CMG expand its service offerings while maintaining its customer service approach as a true differentiator. This led to the opening of the test service business as we know it today. CMG employs 19 people at our Marlboro facilities and is ISO 17025 accredited at both facilities.            

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