iPhone “Hairgate”

iPhone 6 PlusIn addition to all of the positive attention it has received since its introduction in September 2014, Apple’s new iPhone 6 has been the subject of negative press as well. First was the scandal over whether the ultra-skinny phone bends under pressure, such as when users place the phone in their back pockets. Now, we have “hairgate”!

According to Reuters News Service, some users have complained that the tiny gap between the phone’s aluminum frame and its glass surface is trapping users’ hair and pulling it out. If posts on social media are to be believed, the problem reportedly affects facial hair as well as hair on top of the head.

The situation is attracting all kinds of attention on Twitter at both #hairgate and #beardgate, including smart-alecky remarks like “Congrats, Apple, for finally getting hipsters to shave.” Even shaving giant Gillette weighed in with “Your phone may be smarter than ever, but leave the shaving to the experts.”


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