Introducing the Rigol M300 Data Acquisition and Switch System

rigolCustomers working in high channel count applications like Industrial Automation, Production Test, or HALT testing need a reliable and affordable solution for their temperature, resistance or voltage measurements.  By providing DMM scanning of up to 256 in a single mainframe and a wide array of Multiplexer, Actuator, and Matrix cards the M300 Data Acquisition and Switch System provides customers with a powerful test environment at an affordable price.

The M300 Delivers:

  • Acquisition of voltage, resistance, temperature and measurements on up to 256 channels in a single mainframe at 60 CH/Sec
  • Accurate signal measurements from fast scanning .02 NPLC to full 6.5 digit accuracy with an integrated 6.5 Digit DMM Module
  • Easy visualization of switch diagrams, scan modes and data logging charts all on the big easy to use large format display
  • UltraAquire data logging software environment allows easy PC data transfer, configuration and control
  • Easily scan data to a USB stick for data security and portability

To learn more, visit Rigol’s website.