Introducing Conductive Containers, Inc.’s new Corstat XD Material

corstatCorstat XD provides buried shielding and a cured outer layer furnished in an industry favorite “Corstat” corrugated material. The durable, cured UV outler layer (10E5)  gives a shiny, sealed finish to the Corstat XD while greatly reducing FOD. Corstat XD also provides a buried shielding layer gives it the best in ESD protection. This material creates a “middle ground” between flagship Corstat and CFP (Conductive Fluted Plastic) materials. Corstat XD is available by request.

Product Highlights

  • Durable UV cured outer layer – 10E5
  • Buried shielding layer – 10E3
  • Reduces FOD concerns with standard corrugated materials
  • Material is available upon request

For more information, visit CCI’s website.