inTEST Thermal Mobile Temperature System Speeds Electronic Test & Verification

A mobile temperature control system for high-speed thermal testing of electronic components, sensors and PCBs has been introduced by inTEST Thermal. The Thermostream® ATS-535 brings temperature to the test site by directing a stream of cooled or heated air, reaching temperatures between -60 to +225C very quickly. Highly mobile without the need for an external air supply, it can execute fast temperature transitions e.g. -40 to +125C in 12 sec. This allows for thermal characterization at the test bench or site, for example, rather than moving the test subject to a thermal chamber or custom engineered enclosure.

The Thermostream’s swivel arm and pneumatic controls allow precise connection with the device under test. System setup and control is accomplished via a controller with adjustable positioning for convenient local operation, as well as connectivity for remote operation.

ATS-535 provides high-throughput temperature testing and conditioning of small-mass test subjects, especially in design centers where office-type settings do not have compressed air facilities.

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