inTEST Thermal Introduces High-temperature System for Electronics and Materials Test & Design

A temperature control system for high-speed and high-temperature testing of components, sensors, and PCBs has been introduced by inTEST Thermal. The Thermostream® ATS-750 delivers clean dry air from -90 to 300°C to support growing demands for testing electronics that need to operate at higher temperatures. Thermal cycling with wide swings in temperature can increase test time, decreasing throughput.  The ATS-750 provides the horse power to reach a wide temperature range quickly with temperature transitions up to 15°C/sec.

The Thermostream’s touch screen operation and remote communications permit convenient setup and operation to run complex fully automated tests. Its swivel arm and pneumatic controls provides a wide reach for testing and conditioning in both design and production environments.

The temperature control system is available for ordering worldwide. See technical details at